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Delivery And Refund / Returns

Delivery: provides all its customer with a variety of delivery modes which is displayed on the checkout page with free delivery options (if applicable!) and also with the overnight delivery options with FedEx. Other courier partners include DHL Express, US Postal Services & UPS.


There are certain conditions under which a customer can file  & receive refunds. These include:


If you want to cancel an order on your part, do it within three hours of payment before the order is forwarded to the shipping department, as no refund will be issued after that.

No reception.

If a customer does not receive the order within 21 days of payment processing, he/she can request a refund. But, in the following cases, we do not issue refunds:

  • The customer changes address
  • The customer gives us a wrong address
  • The order is delivered to the correct address but there is no one to claim.

Ineffective products.

We are a reputable online pharmacy that sells only the best drugs. Since we provide 100% guarantee for our drugs so if any customer feels that the products received by them are ineffective, they can request a refund and they should do it on the same day without taking too long in notifying us. In addition, we only make a full refund if the drugs are in the same undamaged state as they were delivered in. If the products are not in a condition to be resold, we are not required to pay you anything.
For the customer’s information, we credit the amount to the same account from which we receive the payment.


Cases wherein the customers can request for a reshipment of the products are:


If there is a delay in the delivery of the products to customers, they are advised to inform our customer service managers about this by phone, chat or mail and we will check the status on our end. If it can’t be tracked for, we organize a re-dispatch of your order immediately.

Damaged products.

When our shipping department does the packaging, they make sure no damage happens but if they do get damaged while shipping or on the way we provide the customers with a free reshipping.

Important notes:

We pay for the equivalent of the damaged product depending on the condition of the pills, if less than 50% of the products are damaged, but you need to pay for the shipping costs.
We are committed to getting our medications only from authorized companies and wholesalers because we know that it is a health issue for our customers and that we take the utmost care in delivering the products safely, but even if the products are infectious. Our customers can request a reshipping with the order number, a proof of payment and a clear picture of the package.
We are committed to providing you with genuine & safe medicines only.